Happy birthday

Happy birthday, now let the bells ring
Set the doves free and let the champagne sing
For a friend I have known 6 months going on 5 years
Have your cake, eat it, then wipe away the tears
Play the drums for a mind untwisted
Paint the sky green and you will have something faintly reminiscenced
Of the unique you find within her
The power to make miracles occur
Because hard work, dedication and honesty sleep in her soul
Willing to climb for her aspirations and wise enough to adjust her goal
Her realness isn’t one of a kind, it’s just extremely rare
One in a million is too common a phrase for you to label her with
Never pressed for words, because what you see is what you get
Truth to a fault, either adapt or keep it moving
Challenge and never submit, be real but never disrespectful
Never stab you in the back, instead uses that knife to cut through the bull
This is what you call someone who you appreciate
This is what you call someone to whom you can easily relate
No need for half truths or empty lies
For here is someone who logic clearly defies
There aren’t enough words and I find myself missing letters
But the beauty of a real friend is that they need neither, to understand you
So happy birthday and make sure your life is your own at all times
Vino Venitas

Ok so its been awhile since I posted something, but that was due to some stuff. Ill spare you the details, but here is my return piece Happy birthday. And this is a Happy birthday to a friend who I hold dear. She wanted a piece to celebrate her day of birth, so I had to dig in darkness called my creativity, and bring back this piece called Happy birthday. Now of course, I made that this piece fits, the person who I wrote it for. But this Happy birthday poem isnt super specific and could easily apply to most. But just now, that if you wish to give some a Happy birthday quote, or poem and use this. Make sure that you do the Happy birthday in person as well. Ill be sure to drop another piece, this week, and Im working on my videos as well. So Ill be back up and running somewhere this week.

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