Love Poems

I wrote her these love poems

Words drenched in feelings whisked away by ignorance

A blind passion sleeping in waves forever crashing

I loved her beyond the beauty of words

I craved her beyond the passion of fear

And I tried my best to write those feelings down

I gave it my all to translate thoughts and feelings not meant to be given a name

I tried to write away the anxiety, I tried to bury the pain

I used words for dirt and lines as the framing of the casket

I wrote her these love poems to keep her

I wrote her these pieces to lose myself

I loved her more than I could describe in words

But I tried, I tried

Wanted to dive in to her soul and use my poetry as the key to the lock

Create a whirlpool for her to get sucked into and yet feel safe

I wrote her these love poems

Because I knew in the back of my mind, that no matter what I did it wasn’t enough

No matter how I tried, I could never please her

No matter how much I changed, I still wasn’t the right version

No matter what I said, I was still in the wrong

But I tried, I tried to write her these love poems to keep her close

To show her that Im still trying to win her love

I was still trying to win her over

Even though society would claim she was mine

I felt like I was still chasing her down

As if she kept a part hidden from me, a part she felt like could ruin everything

She didn’t understand that I accepted everything about her

That I loved her regardless of what she has done, or what she has seen

I loved her … and that is why I wrote her these love poems

But then she broke up with me

Claiming the way I was, wasn’t right

Claiming my changes weren’t the right changes

Claiming my dreams weren’t the right dreams

I was at a loss for words

A poet without poetry

A writer without sentences

An author without a pen

She took it all away from me

Or maybe I gave it to her within those pages

Maybe I locked my creativity within those lines

I lost my heart in those damn love poems

Now that Im at a loss for words, I want to ask her my love poems back

Is that ok?

I wanted to write a love poem about Love Poems. And I wasnt too sure what the proper angle would be, but once I remembered that Love Poems are nothing more than love put into a structure. I had to look at the purpose of that structure. And that is when Love Poems become nothing more than a beautiful language used to keep the one you love close. And I have written more than a few love poems in my day, and at times I want to erase the fact that I wrote them. The reason for that is a totally different story, but that is why these Love Poems are so dangerous. Because nothing lasts forever, but poems have this way of extending their life past their original purpose. Im curious to see what your love poems look like, let me read a few! And in case you want more solid POETRY YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.