How to last longer

First know who you are and what you can do
Second know your size and stamina too
Then know the person who you are doing it with
Then keep in mind that fast pumps are a quick way to end to it
Pulling out to change positions can give you some time
Tell a lie “I just want to look at you” that’s a good line
Just don’t do it too much, or you might look like a creep
And you should always try to go real deep
Because once you’re there, you can just stop moving
Kiss while inside to keep the mood grooving
Just lay still and act like you’re starting from one
Move slow to give him so rest, that’s how it’s done
Don’t think about other things, enjoy what you’re doing
Stay in the moment, appreciate who you’re screwing
Slow then fast, fast than slow, pull out go in, go in pull out
ALL of this doesn’t count if she starts to shout
LISTEN to the moans, watch her body twist
Don’t forget how you got there, remember that shit
Because when you pull out, when you stop
Once chance might be the only one you got
So remember what you did to get her to that place
Because if she comes before you, you save safe
And the first go isn’t something most of you excel at
Matter of fact, from what I hear the first time is always wack
So seconds and minutes are the wrong thing to count
When it comes to numbers in sex, there is only one true amount
And that is how many times SHE came
Your timing should be based around her screaming your name
So breaks in between are what keeps your record clean
Multiple positions, is what will lull her into a dream
Where she forgets about the time
Pleasuring her is what should be on your mind
Because you’re getting it either way
So why not make sure she will have something good to say
The more you do it with her, the better your time will be
Control your mind, and your little guy will agree
And if you can’t get to the point to pull out
If you can’t find the route to make her shout
Then jerk off, till your hand gets numb
Watch porn till your sexual drive turns dumb
Saturate your mind with sex, so it can’t get too excited
These are but a few hacks to tackle the hardwire, override it
But the main advice is to take your time
Enjoy it, watch what you’re doing, from the top or behind
These are ways to how to last longer
These are ways to make your sex game stronger
But remember, lasting longer isn’t something just for you
Making her want to last longer is something you should want to do

How to last longer in bed for men is a serious issue for most. How to last longer isnt something you can just remedy after one day of reading things online. How to last longer is something you will have to work on to make sure you increase both stamina and time. How to last longer is something most men would never discuss with one another, but How to last longer is something you would google. And I hope that you can combat this issue, and please your woman or fella to the point where you feel that you have succeeded. To the point where you feel confident with what you have done. How to last longer is something you can work on alone as described in this piece above, or you can ask your partner to help you. There might be something they know about. But How to last longer for men, should drive you to pills. It shouldn’t drive you to drugs. And I can fully understand how it will mess with your manhood, but it doesnt mean you are less than anyone. But if it does bother you, if How to last longer is on your mind a lot, these tips will help you. And if you want to read more helpful pieces you can go HERE AND READ MORE.