I told you he was a good guy

They grew up together, like brother and sister
Out of curiosity and chance he decided to kiss her
It didn’t go down well, not for either side
She was surprised and was in love with Chad
He just wanted her to be the first kiss he ever had
So they talked it out, and decided to let that part die
Be friends forever, and let the romantic part fly
But the issue was, that she was pretty, flat out hot
And he was “aight” at most, “cute” the best he got
But these two got along, because they knew who they were
They knew each other’s secrets they hid from the world
They would whisper on the phone, when it was past bed time
And they were open and honest with what was on their mind
But she was always engaged with the concept of dating
And he was her rock when the waves started breaking
This was the dynamic that kept them strong
This was the way that could never steer them wrong
But he was single for too long, and she decided to meddle
Because she felt that he should settle
So she set him up on a date with one of her girls
A sweet and kind, honest and cute little girl
The date went swimmingly, the two hit it off
Now he spoke to her about his crush, his new love
She listened with intent, happy to be on the other side
Smiling at all the cute relationship things he tried
Flowers at work, breakfast in bed
Sending texts “I love you” is all it said
Cooking dinner when she gets home from work
While maintaining some distance to not drive her berserk
Small gifts of things, that make her happy
But for some reason, his stories made her uneasy
It was an emotion she couldn’t define
A nagging urge she couldn’t leave behind
It was as if she felt something similar to jealousy
But that would just be insanity
How could she love him, she forced him on someone else
How could she want him, she forced him on someone else
Their happiness should not make her feel this way
And yet every time they talk, she hides what she wants to say
But today is different, today she will tell him how she feels
It might ruin the friendship, but friends tell each other how they feel
He doesn’t have to love her back, doesn’t have to reply
But she will blame herself for ever if she doesn’t try
She makes her way up, thinking about the right things to say
She has to get this right on the first try, there is no replay
She knocks on the door, its already open and then her mind goes empty
Words leave her heart, as she sees him on one knee
He looks up at his childhood friend and asks “will you marry me?”

I told you he was a good guy is something that could have gone on for more than a few pages. Because I told you he was a good guy is based on a story about 2 people. And we all know that stories between 2 people involving love can get complicated. I told you he was a good guy ended a bit abruptly because I didnt feel like I should explain what happened to the other girl, because I feel like you can answer those questions yourself. I told you he was a good guy is a piece that I want you to think about, and fill in the gaps yourself. If this is impossible, let me know and Ill write a part 2, where I tell you guys what went down. Because Im pretty sure I told you he was a good guy is a 2 parter, and the second part will be as fun if not more fun than this one. So I hope you enjoyed “I told you he was a good guy” and will be back for more.  And in case you cant wait or want a lot of good stuff, you can GET THIS and fill your days with some good words.