An Ocean of Tears

A wave of sadness crashes down on me
The rough hands of loneliness force pressure on my chest
I try my best to stay calm
I try my best to breathe
But there are tears working their way down my cheeks
My hands are trembling
My knees are shaking
My voice is uncertain
My heart is breaking
I’m surrounded by darkness
Searching frantically for some light
To shine down upon me
And show me I’m alright
A wave of sadness crashes down on me
I try my best to swim
But this time I’m not sure if I can win

This is another poem from a poet that I still admire. The truth that sleeps in her words, are far beyond what I have seen from any other writer so far. She lost the battle, but that means that her struggle is any less beautiful or valid. An Ocean of Tears is a poem that shows us that pain is real, An Ocean of Tears is what shows us that love is real.