Purpose by Phebe

It’s strange how I can feel lost in my own body
It’s as if my soul is floating around in it
Pushing itself in every corner
Trying to make things fit
Trying to make sense

I feel as lost in my body as I feel lost in this world
I keep blinking my eyes
Hoping things will get in perspective
Hoping to see things clear
But it’s all a blur

The globe keeps turning
Night and day and night and day
Over and over again
And everything seems to have a place
But I

No I have no place to be
I have no road to follow
I am without purpose
Or so it seems

I feel something eating away at me
To be alone in a crowd
To be heartbroken with a heart still untouched
To be me when I try to be someone else

It doesn’t make sense
I do not make sense

If only I had a destination
To know where to go
Would give me enough knowledge
To know who I should be

Life has no explanation for the problems it causes
And Death is not the answer either

I am at a loss
Losing something I never had to begin with
It’s a race without a finish
I walk, I run, but I cannot win

I am me
But who is she?
I wouldn’t know

I know nothing
I know no things I need
I know not what I need

It’s complicated
It’s frustrating
It’s beyond words can describe

And so this poem ends
Without an ending
Without a destination
Similar to me