Happy Endings by Phebe

I misinterpreted the looks

I misread the signs

I tried too damn hard

To read between the lines

When there was nothing there

And you’re right, this isn’t fair

This was a mistake on my behalf

And believe me when I say

I wish I could take it all back

I’m just too honest with you

And say what’s on my mind

Without thinking it through

Constantly regretting everything I say

Because I realize you’re not that honest with me

I used to like your mystery

But lately it’s been eating at me

Who are you really?

I wouldn’t know

Maybe what I see is all part of the show

Who you are and what you’re really about?

I guess we’ll never find out

I really messed up

I made a mistake

There’s no turning back

This can’t be erased

So, no

We can’t stay friends

This is where our story ends

I wanted to thank this girl for writing this awesome. And so I did a 3 piece release for her.