Disaster Date by Phebe

You come over at my place

Around eight in the evening

And you expect it’s not a date,

But just a friendly meeting?

You bring a movie, take off your shoes

And lie down next to me in bed

And still it doesn’t occur to you

That maybe I want to be more than friends?

It takes some courrage but eventually

I take your hand and you hold mine

But mentioning you’re dating someone else

Doesn’t even cross your mind?

Later we sit on the couch

And I rest my legs on yours

You hold them there as we talk

And still it is a blur?

For some reason I don’t trust the situation

So I go ahead and ask

“Are you dating anyone?”

You nod and say yes

I can’t believe all this time

You’ve been leading me on

Thinking I could make you mine

When you already have someone

We sit in silence for a while

You ask if you should go

I try my best not to cry

And say only if you want to

Silence continues as we sit

Unable to speak

I tell you I’m getting tired

And politely ask you to leave

You greet my parents, grab your coat

And hold me for a while

I give in and as I let go

I try my best to smile

“Drive safely” I manage to say

And wave as you disappear

I close the door and run upstairs

And welcome my tears”