Attracted to Danger

 She was always tired of the same old same old

She never wanted to do what was told

She stood against everything that was the status quo

She never once considered letting her wild side go

She stood there, smiling at the craziness as it ensued

She was almost unable to move as if glued

The people rushed by her, screaming in fear

Panic gripped their soul, as they tried to get away from here

Trampling over those in their way

Their top priority was to get away

It was shots in the air, fists thats flew

It was riot gear, and crew vs crew

It were the flames licking the ceiling

It was the knife offering a scar that needed healing

It was the bottle smashed over the bar counter

It was all a necessity to her

Because she hated the mundane

She rejected the plain

She needed more out of life, she craved adrenaline

People around her always offered some kind of warning

But it was never enough, warnings just sounded like something to do

Words never made their way through

She loved the tension, loved the screams

It gave her life purpose, it slept in her dreams

Yes, she was an adrenaline junkie gone wrong

But her craving was too strong

Its only so many times, you can catch a glimpse of death before he sees you

Its only so many warnings you can ignore, before consequences find you

This was her story, this was her tale

Jumped head first into life, not afraid to fail

She craved the danger, and that is what kept her alive

A goal for which she could strive

But no one ever questioned her actions, because of admiration

Living your life on the edge, requires more than simple dedication

And those who sit on the side lines, can do naught but look

And watch the amount of time the game took

Never on the field, always one to judge

But she played her heart out

Proud of her

I know Attracted to Danger ended on a weird note, but I didnt want to end it the way you expected it. So I decided that Attracted to Danger needed to change suddenly to the writers voice. And so I did that, I always wanted to tell the story of someone who dared to challenge life. And deal with the consequences that came along with that. Attracted to Danger is a piece I wanted to write, because a lot of people tend to just go for the safe road, because thats what feels the best. Attracted to Danger isnt just about looking for danger, its about challenging life and what the standard is. Attracted to Danger is about people who dare to live, who dare to go for greatness. Attracted to Danger is for people who understand that one day they will have to look back, and see what they have done in their life. If you want to read more, dont forget that YOU CAN READ MORE HERE.