Tired of the Truth

Have you ever just been tired of the Tired of the Truth. I mean the people who seem so darn obsessed with you knowing what they know. Obsessed with making sure that you see what they see. Just so that you can be on the so called “level” of knowledge as they are. Im Tired of the Truth, because I want to find it on my own pace. Tired of the Truth because I want to see it with my own eyes, after I find it. You dont need to push it in front of me. Let me just take my time to digest what I need to digest so I can get to the truth. Because I am Tired of the Truth being shoved down my throat. Just because you feel superior, because you read a book or something, because you saw a documentary or something, because you know how to watch youtube videos or something. Im tired of you people presenting these opinions as facts, Im Tired of the Truth.

Now on the flip side, a lot of people have to see the lies first before they can even understand that there is truth to be found. They have to realize that the lies they have been told are meant to HIDE the truth. They have to get tired of the nonsense, so that they WANT the truth. Its then that they will be able to realize what is going on. But to keep pushing your information on people, who arent ready for it, will only cause friction and frustration. And these people will scream “Tired of the Truth” because they are comfortable in the nonsense. They feel safe in the lies, they feel safe in the bubble the lies has made for them. And popping their bubble will put fear in their heart, and that is ALWAYS followed by rage, because people hate what they dont understand. So Im Tired of the Truth being shoved down people’s throat, and THAT is beautiful because that means people are really trying. And I love that Im tired, KEEP going, so that everyone will get tired of it as well. To the point that they will FIGHT for change, just so that the truth can be out in the open and doesnt need shoving anymore.

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