Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central

Thank you, for the honesty thrown in midst the lies

Thank you for not caring about maintaining certain ties

Thank you for standing up, for those who are stepped on

Thank you for pointing out what was wrong

Thank you for defending laws, being one who tried

Thank you for pointing at the truth so it could no longer hide

Thank you for saying it with a voice that could be heard

Thank you for making these people who dismiss reality seem absurd

Thank you, for looking at the war, and screaming out of rage

Thank you for reading the footnotes in America’s history page

Thank you for being funny while honest and truthful

Thank you for being insightful and not ignoring the bull

Thank you for being articulate about the hypocrisy

Thank you for poking at the scabs of democracy

Thank you for the highlights TV would like to deny

Thank you for being the voice of the public’s outcry

Thank you for the comparisons most would never see

Thank you for speaking for those whose voice box was left empty

Thank you for making us smile with the truth

Thank you for breaking down the world from your booth

Thank you for filling a slot, that will never be the same

Thank you for portraying the insanity of those who claim to be sane

Thank you, and know you will be missed and never forgotten

Thank you, for the ball no one has the power of stopping

Thank you for all the years

Thank you for justifying our tears

Thank you for fighting a fight most cower from

Thank you for doing what needed to be done

Thank you for the patience

Thank you for the acceptance

Thank you for the show

Thank you

I wanted to at least thank this guy, who has been giving us his all for some time now. Because this guy has been a voice for the oppressed for so darn long, its easy to think something else. If you like this piece, be sure to come back and READ MORE. Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central is sad news indeed. Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central might just be the worse thing to happen to the truth on TV. Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central might just be the best news for news on TV. Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central might just be the saddest thing that will never get a tear. Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central means that the dynamic of the show will change. Jon Stewart leaving Comedy Central is something I couldnt let go like this.