Honest to a default

Now before you start, I know that its honest to a fault, but I have this things where its kind of a default. And dont get me wrong, because in no way shape of form will I say that being honest is wrong. Because regardless of whats to come, being honest is the best way to go. Honest to a default is something different from that. Honest to a default is where you are honest, but forget to be tactful. And that people is when you are Honest to a default. Because with some many different ways to say something, with some many different ways to express yourself, its safe to say that there is a better way of doing things, when it comes to being brutally honest.

And my issue is that I am Honest to a default, and I forget that I have this thing called a way with words. And that I can be rather charming if I want to be. Regardless of who I am talking to, because that comes with training of having written over a 1000 pieces. But the Honest to a default part came to life due to life. The world hasn’t been the best place or the nicest place, heck it hasnt even been a normal place. So I had to practice my directness, because people tend to misconstrue niceness. And the issue I have with being honest is that I would rather tell you straight up, whats what instead of having to tie a big bow around it. And sugar coat it, because I have found that when that happens, you leave or create a HUGE gap where interpretation can come into play.

And the thing with interpretation is that it creates this thing called hope or perception. And those two create anger, distrust and discomfort when proven wrong. That is why I would like to dismiss the possibility of having different views on something due to slick words that are rather brittle. I would like steel bricks, that cant be shaken as easy. Because honesty deserves to be out in the open where it can be strong and function as a base.