Things I dont understand

Now there are a few ways I can approach this Things I dont understand concept.I could talk about how humanity is all weird and a real contradiction. And that most people prefer to be sheep, and only complain when things become uncomfortable. So till that point they will just follow along with what ever is presented to them. But I dont want to do that, because that would just bring us into a bad road.

I could talk about how racism is real as heck, but the problem is that the people who are in power refuse to change it. And the people in power have been training their followers for so long, that they dont see anything wrong with it or themselves anymore. But I dont want to do that because eventhough it fits in the Things I dont understand section, it could just make everything weird.

I could talk about the fact that human kind is nothing more than a parasite who has placed itself above the rest of the world, because it had enough fear in its soul to create weapons. And then took it upon itself to regulate nature … those are some Things I dont understand. But I dont want to talk about that either, because thats just a long discussion waiting to happen.

Now I should talk about Things I dont understand such as how sex, and being a slut have somewhat become the standard. Or that looking appealing is the only thing that matters to people. But if I do that, then I will look like one of those complaining old guys, and that is something I dont want.

Or I could try to look at the other Things I dont understand such as music becoming nothing more than a mere moment instead of an experience. But then again, I feel like I have said that before. But the Things I dont understand are just too many to mention in a simple blog. The Things I dont understand, are kind of deep, and I have the feeling you want to be spared deep emotions. So, instead I will just, give this blog a rest, and NOT talk about any of the Things I dont understand.

But if you do want to see what I DO understand, you can GO HERE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!