She Asked Me

She asked me if I wanted to know what happened last night

Her screams froze my hand as I tried to turn on the light

She wanted to be in the dark, so I couldnt see her eyes

Her eyes never once told any lies

And even though she would tell, she didnt want to share the pain

At times the wickedness of man is nothing less than insane

So she started to tell me, about the path that led up to it

After a few words, I told her its ok, just forget it

But she wanted me to know, needed to me know

That she now carries a monster she’s unable to let go

But her words drowned in the tears that fell

Her sobbing told me more than words could ever tell

My arms tried to wrap her, offer some sense of safety

She rejected them, pleading “dont touch me”

Goosebumps ran down my spine

I wanted to tell her its going to be fine

But her pain was so radiant, comfort seemed in vain

It was obvious her world would never be the same

I had to sit there and wait till her mind was ready

Never have I seen tears that felt that heavy

Never have seen a soul so filled with pain it became empty

Never have I felt so useless, as I sat there, unable to help this lady

With each sob, the dark grew thicker, no words for me to say

With each scream, the light inside her would flicker, as she pulled away

Her innocence was thrown to the devil

I’ve been witness to despair but not at this level

Finally she was ready, and she lifted her dead

Her first words were “I wish I was dead”

I bit my bottom lip, preparing for the worst

Death in the family, robbed, rape or something worse

Grabbed her hands, looked her in the eyes and said “its ok you can tell me”

With tears still rolling she said “they cancelled the Big Bang Theory”

I wanted to end this with a twist you would NEVER see coming. She Asked Me starts off really Vino like, because She Asked Me is something that just sounds ominous. But She Asked Me is a title I wanted to work for the beginning, and then I wanted to slowly drag you in, and drop a hammer on your foot. The reason why this piece works in my opinion is because I can totally see people react like this, to the cancellation of their favorite shows. She Asked Me is something I see happening in a few house holds, or its something that you have heard about. Because over the years, there have been more than a few shows cancelled. So She Asked Me isnt as dark as a real Vino Venitas story, but its still a VV piece, because VV wrote. Now if you liked this piece, I am sure you will enjoy the rest of MY STORIES AS WELL!!!!