An Empty Road

The dark is heavy in a world so bright

Eyes feel lost in a maze of chances

The world sleeps on an ear it rarely uses

Tears hide behind feelings dressed in honesty

And yet here I stand naked

Whispering to a ghost my mind tells me is real

Dodging rain drops I have deemed dangerous

While the ones I have deemed safe, I kiss

I’ve lost every bit of love walking this road

My blood is the dotted line for you to follow

Gravel is embedded in my souls veins

With every breath the pain of life taps me

I’ve never one considered looking back a good thing

Because I know that an empty road is always in front of you

My past creeps, in every step that I have taken

Shadows of memories promise me good things for a glance

But words dripping blessings are often lies dipped in honey

For the truth has edges no skin can resist

The future never tries to please you

Pain never asks for permission

And yet here I stand naked

Waiting for something good to happen

Waiting for you to tell me, its ok

Waiting for your hand to grab that veil and tear it down

But you never do, you simply stand there on the side of the road staring at me

Judging my stride, judging my feet, judging the side of the road I’m on

Never once trying to walk with me

Never once seeing the pain, the effort it takes for me to produce one step

And that dreaded uphill has defeated more moments than I can count

I have drowned my sorrows in a lake of trying

I’ve seen the plan laid out, and refused to memorize it

My eyes are half way shut, because the broad horizon scares me

And yet I walk towards it, this is the contradiction known as me

I have never once tried to be happy

The darkness sleeps in me, is a part of me, and I cant lose it, because I know it loves me

In a twisted way, better fitted to be referred to as morbid, I love it as well

It keeps my eyes watery, it keeps my mind in a daze

But I will never ever hate an empty road placed in front of me

Because regardless of the fear, its nothing more than an endless possibility

Ok so with this piece called An Empty Road I wanted to give my hands the freedom to write whatever they wanted. Because from time to time, you have to let the writer in you, JUST WRITE. And for some reason An Empty Road was the title that got penned down, and the words just wanted to fit the concept of An Empty Road. Now I am sure that after reading this, you will see that An Empty Road for me is nothing more than a possibility. Because An Empty Road can lead everywhere and it can lead nowhere. But that is the beauty of An Empty Road, and I might have to read this tomorrow, so I can see what my fingers truly wanted to say. But for now I am sticking to that description.

And yes from time to time you have to reread your own words, to see what you meant and how you felt. Writers feel what I am saying. So thank you for reading An Empty Road, and make sure to support YOUR LOCAL WRITER.