Accepting your own mistakes

Now, I tend to make a lot of mistakes. And the reason I tend to make a lot of mistakes is because I tend to try a lot of thing. Most people dont really make any mistakes, but that is directly related to the fact that they dont really try anything. And thats why its SUPER easy to not make any mistakes. Now I have learned a few things from all of my mistakes, and I cant really offer them as lessons, because youre not like me, so I dont think you can deal with them the same as me. But I do have to say that these are pretty general, so maybe you can … give it a shot.

So ok, the first thing I have learned from making mistakes is that you can LEARN from your mistakes. And when I say learn, I mean not just do them again, but also what lead UP to you making the mistaking. Because mistakes dont just happen, they have events leading up to them. So learn from them as well. If you can learn from your mistakes and HOW you made them, you will learn how to create a true solid process in doing what you do.

The next thing I have learned is that your mistakes carry consequences. Most people underestimate this one. But every action brings forth a reaction, and since your mistakes are essentially actions as well, its safe to assume stuff will happen after that. Now if that is the case, make sure you learn from the consequences as well. Keep watch of what happens when you make a mistake, because if you do it again, and you know how to work the consequences of your mistakes into the flow of your success, you will make something great. Now I dont want to spend 4 pages on how much you can do with your mistakes, but I just want you guys to know that mistakes arent a problem. Failing is only failing if you dont try again, falling is only bad if you dont get up.

No one ever made it to the top in one single go. No one ever claimed success without falling on their face. Only fools want NOTHING but success and fear failing. So I hope that the one thing you took away from this is that you should KEEP trying. Because trying is the key to doing, and fearing failing will only keep you in the same spot FOREVER.

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