Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia

Ok so this was a short movie I wrote, for the sole purpose of shooting it here in Japan. So I found 2 actors who were down to play the roles, which was awesome. And then I took that 3 hour trip to get to shooting the script. And for those of you who dont know, bringing all your equipment for a shoot is one heck of a thing. Because the camera, and tripod, and the lenses and the audio stuff is kind of heavy. And then you have to sit in public transport for all that time with all that stuff. But hey I did it cause I love the game. So I get to the spot, meet the actors, and we go to the location. And we start shooting. After about 30 minutes, my camera is telling me the battery is almost empty. Which is a common thing, because Black Magic Cinema Camera isnt the strongest one when it comes to battery life. So that is why you charge it before you go, and you buy an external battery so that you charge it back up.

Now of course I charged both the camera and the external battery, because Im not new to shooting. So I grabbed the external battery, and then I find out that I didnt bring the cable to CHARGE the camera. So now Im standing there with an empty camera, and an extra battery with no chord. Meaning that I cant use the camera. So being the warrior I am, I tell the actors that Im going to walk to a close by electronics shop to see if they have the cord. Lets just say that after 1 hour of walking, NOTHING was to be found. So I returned with my head down, and after a small discussion about what to do next, we decided to go with the camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020. And THEN we find out that the lavaliere mic I have isnt good for use outside. Because the wind will kick that little mic in the nuts. So now we have no sound, and no good camera. And that is how the Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia, and Im not mad … but yeah Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia isnt the product I wanted to present. Editing this Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia was a real pain in the neck. Because now it became a true hunt for good shots. So if you dont like the Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia because the shots werent as epic as they could have been. Then keep in mind that the Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia is a compilation of the best shots I could make that day. I might turn it into a trailer to see if I can use it for something else, but for now this is what it is. Enjoy the Nokia Lumia 1020 Short Movie True Insomnia and be happy because its something.

And if you want to see more, I am sure you will enjoy reading the BOOK.