Late Night Questions

Its been a few times now, and its kind of late

And maybe we should have done this on the first date

But I feel like we should talk about our past

Because our booty call turned into something that could last

So before we go on, we need to make our foundation strong

And Ive heard and seen these kind of things go wrong

But I still feel we need to do this, we need to air it out

You know what Im talking about

So this doesnt really matter to me, but Im just curious to see

What you would say and if you will be honest with me

Because seeing as how we met up, I know your past isnt that clean

And to be SUPER frank with you, you talk in your dream

And some of the stuff you say, isnt as good as you or we would hope

But dreams are just dreams, and as a couple I know we could be dope

But if your dreams are just memories replaying themself

You might have to spend tonight by yourself

Cause Ill be in the shower, washing some of the stuff you said off

But I just love how your body is so soft

So thats why I need to know, what have you done, or should I say who

Now please dont act as if I dont have a clue

Please dont act as if I dont see the sideways glances when I walk with you

Or that choke giggle when guys see me with me

Now keep in mind that I dont care, its just that I feel like something aint right

And I just want to be real with you, not start a fight

And its not that Im afraid of your past, but I just need to know

So be honest with me … you used to be ho?

Late Night Questions is something most of us will have experienced. The problem with Late Night Questions is that it often goes wrong, because the past is the past and that is where it should usually stay. But most guys are pretty insecure about their thing and thats why Late Night Questions is something they tend to do, just to verify if what they fear is real or not. But ladies are also pretty slick when it comes to these Late Night Questions. So Im curious, what is the worst answer you have ever gotten with regards to these Late Night Questions?

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