Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry

This is the video I promised you, when I dropped the second poem of this week. Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry is a video that I made to be played on a poetry event. The theme of the night is/was Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry and so I decided to use both the concept of a week, and the concept of poetry and mix them into one. Now there were several ways I could go about this, but I wanted to do it as direct as possible. But that alone wouldnt be enough for me, so I wanted to up the level JUST a little bit. Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry isnt just a piece about giving each day of the week its own poem. It goes a little beyond that, because with Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry, I wanted to add the concept of using the days of the week as the key to the poem. So Monday starts with an M, and thus the piece made for Monday will have the dominance of the letter M embedded in it. And so on and so on, and that was actually pretty fun. Because Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry was another piece to be performed, and so it needed to have a little different structure than it usually would have.

Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry was actually something I intended to perform while I was saying it in front of the camera. But the piece was so darn intricate, that it would have required me to do a BIT more than I had the luxury to. So that was also a reason why Spraakuloos – A Week of Poetry became a kinetic typography instead of a performance piece. But at the end of the day, I do like this video, and I like the piece as well. So it was pretty good … what do you think about it?

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