A week of Poetry

It starts on a Monday, where the mundane makes my mind so messy the most logical method of maintaining, me … is manifesting my mad moods through poetry, so I sat with a pen, till Tuesday told me to try telling my tales to tears that never fell, thanks to the words that tore up those pages. And that’s when the pen woke up and wrote Wednesday, 12 oclock was never as wise as when it weakened the wicked wheels turning in a mind wreaking havoc on wishes we never wanted. My words never welcomed the deep more … than that day. That day where Thursday took every tiny bit of time till it tricked the dark to become transparent and I could tell, those who tilted the truth inside of me, how they took a piece of my soul and threw it away. And that’s what I did till Friday. Finally freed from the fantasy that forever forced me to fall into the fake smiles, the fallacy in the façade was freely flaunted, after I figured out the face I was making for years was false. And that’s when freedom found me, and told me to let my insecurities fly away. Saturday and Sunday were spent silently sitting in a serene state where solving the sadness of a soul sinking in self-pity, was priority one. I sincerely asked my sanity, how its doing. Silence was its reply, till I once again grabbed the pen, and started to write. The sun could go black, time could stop, the sky could bleed, as long as I can have a week of poetry, that is all I need.



A week of Poetry is a poem I will turn into a video this week, so A week of Poetry will become a vid and will be on the site in like 4 days. Make sure you come back to see the final results of the A week of Poetry. And you ask why we did this one? Well thats because I was asked to make a vid for this poetry even in the Netherlands. And so I did, or am going to, but to do that I need a piece. And I asked them what the theme of the night was, and then they told me A week of Poetry. Because its the national week of poetry, so I wanted to make sure my piece fits in. And that is how I came up with the A week of Poetry. Dont forget you can get some more POETRY HERE.