We are one

We are the past, we are the future, we are humanity
Our history is not a thing of beauty
But it made us who we are, learned from our mistakes
And at times that’s all it takes
To be able to see the decency in this society we live in
We are always striving to sing this melody of harmony
So today we will let the rest of the world see
That diversity is a thing of beauty
Because we are one
We are the prime example, we are a dream that can’t be trampled
We are the voices that have built peace, we are a song of hope that will never cease
From the drums of Africa, to the fast food of America
From a urban blues, to the Dutch wearing wooden shoes
We all have dreams, we all are more than what we seem
And at times we all need a shoulder on which to lean
My heart doesn’t pump blood different from yours
When goals achieved my happiness also soars
Our differences are easily defeated by our similarities
Ignorance and peace are eternal enemies
So today we will show peace the work it has done
By showing him that we are one
We will celebrate diversity
We will tell racism about peoples purity
We will tell him that we will not run
We will stand firm until acceptance has come
We will overcome any challenge, any barrier any limit
We will not talk it, NO we will live it
We will hug a stranger as if it’s our brother
We will treat our women as if they are our mother
We will tell our children that difference is to be celebrated and not feared
We will work for a better future until any doubt is cleared
We will all sleep in a open field under the same sun
Because we are one
Tell time to unwind, and tell the stars that we will be kind
Because they wish to be like us, because we shine with a glow so sublime
That we are able to kiss angels that most people have left behind
Angels of love, Angels of respect, Angels of acceptance, Angels of diversity
These angels sleep in them, these angels sleep in you, these angels sleep in me
We are all in the pursuit of happiness, though the definition may vary
We all have a burden we alone can carry
We are all humans, we are all living together
Constantly improving until it will all get better
Black, white, Asian, Muslim, Christian we are so busy labeling that we are forgetting the core
The strings that bind us, the qualities we all adore
Honesty, integrity, passion and the quality of life
Our actions under strife
Watch the walls that separate us become undone
As we scream together we are one

So let this chapter of humanity be written with the ink of our voices
Let the pages be filled with descriptions of our choices
Let the cover be a picture of us
Tell war that we have had enough
Tell change that we are waiting for it to come
Tell freedom its work is never done
Tell those in power, to listen to our scream
Tell those being oppressed soon it will all have been a dream
Tell them that thanks to us better times will come
Why, because we are one

A piece from my Book