I hate you but I love you

He walks in with a piece of paper in his hand and a pen in the other. He make his way to the table and sits down. Without any delay the waitress comes up next  to him to take his order, and without looking up, and orders a glass of water with ice, and a mint tea. As the waitress walks away, he places the paper in his hand on the table in front of him, and right next to it, the pen. He then opens up his jacket and takes out a different set of paper and pen. He places that on the far side of the table across from him. He looks up at the lights and as he bows his head, he grabs the pen and starts writing. He keeps going, and going till the waitress finally comes back with his ice water and mint tea. He thanks her, as he stops writing and grabs the glass of water. He finishes the whole glass in one go, puts the pen down on top of the paper and then stands up. He walks to the other side of the table and sits down across from where he was. He picks up the pen, and before he starts writing he places a single finger on the cup to measure its heat. With that done, he starts writing. He is writing with the same passion, if not more. His eyes occasionally glance to the cup of tea, to check the steam that is coming off of it. He keeps writing, until eventually the tea has cooled off, to such a degree that there is no more steam coming off of it. He then once again touches the cup, and without any hesitation he picks it up and drinks the entire cup in one go.

Puts the cup back down, and places the pen on top of the piece of paper he was just writing on. He then once again looks up at the ceiling, with a slight grin on his face. He looks back down, and once again stands up. But this time he grabs the chair with him as he walks, and places it at the head of the table. He is then turns both pieces of paper, so that they are both facing him. His eyes go left and right, as if he is watching a table tennis match. As if he is reading the words, on the paper one at a time, to see if he can decipher their meaning. But after awhile he stops, and he lowers his head. He stays in that position for about 10 whole minutes, after which the waitress who has been watching him, becomes a bit concerned. She walks up to this unique customer, to see if he fell asleep, as it is against the policy of the diner. But with her first excuse me, his head jumps back up and he looks at her with eyes filled with both fear and rage. He asks her, if she can do him a favor. Clearly startled by his weird behavior, she asks him what the favor is, before she promises anything. He asks her to read both pieces of paper, and tell her which one of them was more convincing. Looking at the pieces of paper, she can tell that they arent filled to the brim with words, and can tell that it wont take her long to finish them both. And at this point she is rather intrigued by the entire thing.

So she agrees, and starts reading the writings of this unknown customer. After reading the first piece of paper, her hand is placed in front of her mouth, and she is fighting to keep back her tears. She looks at the man, with a certain amazement, as he hands her the second piece. He tells her, to please read this one now. She nods as she grabs the paper and starts reading. Her eyes open up, as the tears this time flow freely. Her body ever so gently starts shaking as she holds the piece of paper. All the while the man does not look at her, he simply sits there with his head lowered, waiting for her to be done. She places the paper back on the table and sits down. He now looks at her, as she is crying. Not bothered by  her tears, he simple asks her, what would you do? She looks as him, as her tears roll down her cheek. She replies in between her tears that she understands that he loves her, but if she was him, she would still leave. The man, lowers his head, as if he was expecting that answer. He whispers in a soft voice, youre right, thank you. He grabs the pieces of paper, but leaves the pens. He stands up, places 50 dollars on the table for the water and tea. Nods at the waitress, and makes his way back out the diner. And she never saw him again.

I wanted to do a piece called I hate you but I love you. But instead of the usual I hate you but I love you pieces, where the couple fights and makes up. I wanted a piece about I hate you but I love you that wouldnt just follow the standard. I wanted something that was about I hate you but I love you, but left enough space to fill with your own imagination. Now I know that I hate you but I love you, gives away the entire concept of the piece, but the beauty in my opinion of this one is that it doesnt matter. Because you are still left in the dark about SO many thing. And that is true for so many people who go through the concept of I hate you but I love you. And that is why I wanted this piece, to have open holes, that dont explain everything. I wanted a piece about I hate you but I love you, that was as frustrating as the real thing. I might try to make this one into a short movie. I like it so much. And at  times I also have a few people who I want to scream at I hate you but I love you, because that is what happens when someone is in your heart. It makes it easy to say, I hate you but I love you.

By now you will have the same kind of feeling towards me. I bet you are screaming I hate you but I love you, as you keep coming back for more. And I get it. I have the same problem with this concept and all it entails. But if you wish to support me, HERE IS HOW YOU DO THAT.