positivity vs negativity

Ok so today I want to talk to you guys about positivity vs negativity. The reason why is because most of what I do is online. Meaning that my work and end results are all open for comments and feedback. And if you know anything about the internet you will know that people tend to be negative for no other reason than to be negative. And that is where positivity vs negativity comes into play. I often have to tell myself that I need to stay positive. But then you start working again on what you love and you are met with negativity. And since I am still human, this battle between positivity vs negativity is something I often lose, due to the fact that negativity lingers longer. Its sad, but all the negativity does get to me and it does kind of makes me want to give up at certain points. And that is when the war of positivity vs negativity is broken down into small battles. And those small battles are one I am constantly having. Or well at least it feels like I am constantly having them. And these small battles, even though not super epic in size, do take their toll on me.

Because the positivity is mostly coming from me and me alone. And that single source of positivity has to go up against an army of negativity that has several sources. So positivity vs negativity is honestly an unfair battle. Because its set up for you to lose, and give up and just hide in a bubble where you can just keep reinforcing yourself with your own positive vibes. But the issue is, that for me, I have a dream. And those dreams doesnt necessarily depend on positivity, but my motivation and drive are most definitely effected by the lack of positive vibes. And that is where the issue arrives. Positivity vs negativity is a battle I am constantly finding myself. And the talking to myself, does get kind of tiring. And the taking a break, and doing something else like watching a movie or reading a book. Gets tiring as well … so if you guys have any suggestions, or ideas, I am more than open. And more than willing to hear them. Because Im getting a little tired of it all.

And NO, Im not depressed about it. Its just that I am tired of all these negative comments and negative feedback. And all these people who just want to say what they want to say, and NOT get any kind of response on their words. Maybe I am just doing too much, and I should slow it down a bit. But if I slow it down … I dont think I will ever WANT to speed it back up.

Let me know what you think. And if you do want to just give me some positive vibes, and cant find the words. You can just BUY my book and tell me you did that. That would help as well.