Happiness Quotes

This signifies the start of the path I am going to take with the youtube channel. Happiness Quotes is something that a lot of people will need to hear about, because with all the bad stuff that is going on around the world some Happiness Quotes is something you need to have in your life. This video is another sample from all of the quotes that I drop on Twitter, and with that comes a lot of good quotes about a LOT of different things. So it only makes sense that I got a few quotes that will make you happy, or are happiness related. And these Happiness Quotes are something I want to share with you guys.

The Happiness Quotes is just like I said, the start of what I will do with Vino on youtube for awhile. Because remixing these songs, is kind of fun. And it forces me to learn words pretty quick and perform them. And these quotes are what I am doing on a regular basis, so its only right I bring them back, into my other channels. And Happiness Quotes isnt the first time I used my words to motivate or inspire people, but it is the latest one. So enjoy these Happiness Quotes and have a great weekend, and make sure your year is filled with nothing but greatness. And even if the pitfalls do show up, make sure your mind is focused. And that is where these Happiness Quotes come into play. I like making these videos, because they are focused on words, and inspiring people. And I like doing Spoken Word videos because they are what I love doing, and they represent the world of words that I adore. So yeah, expect some more great Happiness Quotes which I most likely will rename so that they wont all sound the same. But they will all have inspiring and motivating at their core.

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