Could you stop taking Selfies

He stood there looking at the sticks in the air
And there it was, at the end of it, right there
These damn phones with a camera in the front
Urging him to be more than a bit blunt
And scream with a voice he keeps for pure rage
I understand that you like taking pictures, this is cool to do
But do you have to be in EVERY DAMN ONE, no you don’t do you?
You don’t have to stand in every shot, your not that important
Your not that relevant or could it be you intend to become ignorant
You plan on forgetting everything you have ever done
So you take a picture with yourself, when you sit, when you run
When you jump, when you eat, when you meet, when you shit
When you drink, when you party, when you fuck, when you trip
When you fly, when you swim, when you dress up, when you sleep
When you creep, when you travel, heck even when you cheat
Seriously, do you just intend to FORGET the moment as it happens
Just so later you can look back, and be like “hey remember when this happened”
Do you really need to see yourself to such an extent
Or is it the final outlet for whom these pictures are meant
Is it for the likes, that you need or want to be in the pictures
Is it for so called fame that you need or want to be in the pictures
Is it for the followers, that you need or want to be in the pictures
Is it to make people jealous that you need or want to be in the pictures
I bet you don’t even know
This is a reason, why society can no longer grow
We have people who would rather take a picture of the moment than live it
Just so they can have the picture and 2 days later forget it
I understand that boredom is something you have to fight
But selfies became a new weapon overnight
And I am here to tell you that selfies are just dumb
I don’t like you taking them, and no I don’t have one
If I want a picture, Ill ask someone else to take it
And if Im alone, just take a picture of the spot and live with it
I don’t have to prove that I have been where I said I was

The people around him looked at him, in a daze
One screamed WORLDSTAR and put a camera in his face
Others recognized that this might go viral and saw a pic possibly “like” heavy
They turned their back on him and took their phones out to take a selfie
Just so they can prove they were at the spot when it happened
He just bowed his head, walked away, sad at what just happened

Could you stop taking Selfies is a story about the frustration a “regular” person would have watching all these people with their selfie system. And the nonsense of the selfie stick, which makes taking selfies easier. So the question is Could you stop taking Selfies, because they make you look well not as smart as you could look. Im not saying that people who take selfies are dumb, but the ACT of taking selfies in itself is just not coo. Now if you are a celeb and you make MONEY with these images, this obviously doesnt apply to you. And if you are using it as a marketing tool, once again it doesnt apply to you. But just taking selfies to prove you were somewhere is just … well dumb. Because now most people have to ask themselves Could you stop taking Selfies. And most would have to say no, because the question Could you stop taking Selfies is one for society, as most people tend to make these. Just be in the moment, and if you cant have someone with you, maybe the moment wasnt meant to be shared. So Could you stop taking Selfies, let me say that again … Could you stop taking Selfies?

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