When Im gone

Ive decided to look for adventure in the unknown
But to be honest I don’t want to go alone
So who can I entice to join me
I promise you, you will be surrounded by beauty
If it isn’t the sun dancing on top of a mountain peak
It will be the music you hear as the leaves use the wind to speak
Or maybe it will be the kisses of rain as you watch the road pass you by
Or the clouds that seemingly want to hug, to ensure you can fly
I don’t want to sound too happy, but I do want to share this
Lets not call it a want, lets call it a wish
Because the sky becomes a canvas no painter can match
And I promise you, this serenity is yours even if you don’t have scratch
Just imagine painting a picture on a lake no one will ever see
Moments that will define your life, are yours if you come with me
We can watch the horizon turn bright red
We can see nature’s glory or see it go mad
We can see the waves crash on shores blanketed by darkness
All of the secrets a city will never get
We can dance on stars, no lens can catch
We can see the shell break, and watch purity hatch
And all you have to do is come along
Things will go wrong
Haywire, plans will be declared null and void
But I promise you, that your little bubble will be destroyed
And in return, the sun will kiss you with rays he keeps for a few
And on return, you will have been introduced to a new you
So lets climb the hills, so we can see the sea
So lets remove the concrete, to unveil beauty
Come with me, on an adventure of joyful insanity
Because when I am gone, you will miss me
And I cant promise you the same

When Im gone is a poem that functions as a call to travel. Now I am usually alone when I decide to travel, and that is When Im gone comes into play. Because at times, having someone with me while I do what I do can be kind of fun. Dont get it twisted … NOT ALWAYS, but sometimes. And When Im gone I also notice that people all of a sudden feel that my existence matters. But when I am in close vicinity, it isnt such a pressing matter to see or talk to me. People are truly fickle beings … but hey Im the same so it only makes sense right. And yet When Im gone is me promising someone that it can or will be awesome. Because When Im gone I tend to see a lot of beautiful things, most people will never get to experience. So I want you to be able to say “When Im gone” as well. So you can see for your self, what it means to be able to say When Im gone. Because your world just becomes SO much bigger, when you travel. So When Im gone is for all of you, who want to travel but need someone to come with them. Call on me … I got you.

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