The Quickest Tale Ever Told


The feeble tales of mere fools caught in the everlasting stream of pain in this city
Are drowned and simultaneously drenched in the screams of its victims
And as you and I try to grasp the concept of their pain their life and their story
We become a silk thread in the tapestry of events which occur in this jungle
This concrete hell which by many is viewed as paradise on human soil
So as the hunted and the predators set forth to ensure their voices are heard
We can do nothing but watch and listen as each act unfolds


As the sweet melody of enticing promises tickle your darkest fantasies
You willingly engage in a slumber, with empty whispers as your blanket
To simply disguise the fact that you too are now caught in its web
And as its mesmerizing nectar trickles down to each movement you make, each thought you have
You realize as only those whose vision has been tempered with can
That you and your surroundings are an intricate piece of this city
But whether you are the hunted or the hunter is only a tale which time can tell
So give time, time and just enjoy this little big city of dreams

The Quickest Tale Ever Told is a piece I wrote for someone who wanted me to feature some poetry on their mixtape. So I wrote this piece called The Quickest Tale Ever Told, and it wasnt that bad a piece. Of course the mixtape never came into being, and I was left there sitting with this piece The Quickest Tale Ever Told. But of course after awhile you look through the stuff you have written, and you come across some nice words like this. And all that is left is showing it to people, because The Quickest Tale Ever Told is a piece that is worth at least one read. But keep in mind that it is The Quickest Tale Ever Told, so you cant expect it to be too long. Because while it does hold a few hidden gems in it, The Quickest Tale Ever Told is still a piece made for recording. And recording isnt something that follows the same rules of writing as my other stuff. So The Quickest Tale Ever Told, is a really old piece, but its still good.

In case you like The Quickest Tale Ever Told I am sure you will like my other pieces as well.