Running on Empty

Standing alone, no wind in my back
No voice to ask for help, no room to look back
Forward or give up, friends are an empty concept on the railroad to success
Sacrificed sleep, and everything else just to put myself to the test
No breaks, no stopping, no asking for company
No asking for help, no asking to join me
Standing on my own two, cause I was forced to
Its not something I chose to do
No buckling under pressure, cause I never put it on my shoulders
I placed him in front of me, just so I could put my middle fingers up and tell him, you wont get to me
But lately it feels as if rage is the only thing pushing me forward
As if my urge to not give up, is the only thing helping me onward
The world will not decide how I think, work or act
As long as its for my dreams, Im more than willing to break my back
Walking a path, of unknown length
Step by step slowly questioning my own strength
But fuck my own mind if it doesn’t agree with me
I will keep working and chasing my dreams, while calling myself crazy
Its not that Im not afraid of uncertainty
Its because I live once, and there is nothing more deadly than regret
But full throttle all the time, takes it toll
And alone in the dark eventually gets cold
The only thing keeping me standing is the heart of a man lost in his own ambition
No need to compare me to a lion, I got the spirit of me
So I will stand here strong, staring into the dark, working to define my own reality
Silencing doubt, pain, fear and at times even my own sanity
Best believe I will keep going, even if I ever hit empty

This poem is one where I  my motivation has run out. And I am Running on Empty, and its messing with the results of what I want to achieve. Running on Empty also applies to more than just my motivation, it also applies to several other aspects of my life. The beauty of Running on Empty is that it allows you to sit back and recharge or fuel back up. It kind of forces you to stop and reevaluate what you are doing. So Running on Empty isnt all that bad, its just that when Running on Empty is something you want to avoid that it becomes an issue. Because then you are either dealing with something that cant be brought back like Love, or something you know will take too much time like losing hope in someone. But Running on Empty for me, is something that isnt as painful, isnt as wicked, isnt as sad as most would believe it to be. And that is why, I know that even if I do hit the point where I am Running on Empty, I will keep going. Even if I have to stop for a second.

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