Tick Tock

It’s hard to digest but I’m back where I started
I came full circle, to the point where paths parted
And I can see my first steps still engraved in stone
And my last is as my first, because I’m still alone
So many stepped on and off the path, it became clouded
Misty, dark, at points simply shrouded
So I’m not solely to blame for losing my way
My footprints are still embedded with that time’s dismay
And I swear to you, I saw a shadow that turned into me
Getting ready for that first step, but hesitantly
It’s because I knew, I was threading into waters too deep
It’s because I knew, I would have to sacrifice more than sleep
But my chest was still out, I hid my fear in the darkness
My head was held high, as I whispered I got this
And it was then, inside that shadows chest a fire was lit
Growing bigger and bigger, my heart was at the core of it
I felt inspired, damn near admired myself for having that passion
Then I looked down and saw that with my current heart it wasn’t happening
Maybe I put down too many bricks on my path
Or maybe that kind of passion isn’t meant to last
And then my shadow walked past me and I swear he smiled
And I could hear him whisper, I hope I don’t turn into you for awhile
And my only reply was to bow my head in shame
Because even though he and I are one, we are not the same
And that’s when I started thinking, what else have I lost, what else have I misplaced
What else have I forgotten, what else can my old me throw in my face
And right on cue, a paper plane hit my nose
I expected it to be an attack of verbal blows
But instead it was a list
A list of all the things that in my so called passion I missed
Rushed by, ignored, cause I felt I was on the right track
This list was in defence of me making my way back
So now I have to turn around and once again choose left or right
Sink or swim, fight or flight
And my heart might not beat as it used to
But walking this path, I’ve gained something more crucial
The strength to walk in the rain and not mind the cold
Hear the gossip behind my back and not care what is being told
Ignore the so called friends who are nothing but snakes
Recognize the so called professionals who are nothing but fakes
I’m standing right in front of left and right and never have these two seemed more apart
Anxious to my very soul as I once again begin at the very start
And I don’t know if it was nervousness or anxiety that told me to smile
But I had to look back, because before I come back here, it might be awhile

Tick Tock is a piece about how sometimes life can get you down. Tick Tock is the sound that can haunt you as the clock keeps ticking time away, showing you that you are always one tick behind. Tick Tock is the voice of time, and he never EVER shuts up, its the Tick Tock … its that whisper that drives most men to do what they do. Tick Tock is a piece that I wanted to use for a performance, but I decided to do something else. Tick Tock is a piece I dont write too often because, because its pieces like Tick Tock that people tend to NOT like. Because its not all happy, but from time to time you have to stay real, and be real. So Tick Tock is what will show you what is inside my head at times, and I am sure that some of you hear Tick Tock as well.

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