The words that define Vino Venitas

Now the Vino Venitas series has ended, but I do want to make sure you guys understand every word that is being said. So here I am giving you The words that define Vino Venitas. Each letter has been given its own piece, and by combining them you get The words that define Vino Venitas. They are more than mere mottos or slogans, they are what I try to use as a backbone for my lifes choices. So The words that define Vino Venitas are what I keep telling myself when the lights go out. Because the way I learn about myself is talking to myself, and keeping myself motivated is a job for The words that define Vino Venitas. Because the beauty of The words that define Vino Venitas is that they can be used by all.

The letter V


Lost in a dream where time never listen

and hope yes hope is a thing best left behind for it sleeps with the enemy loving its touch

and our nemesis cares not for empty promises made by fickle and random effort

while ambition in all its glory fights to survive the heavy blows

but each let down takes it toll on a mind already worn out from trying

escape isnt possible cause this might be a dream but its mine

always move forward never cry for stories not told

when everything seems to be for nothing its nothing more than your will testing

to see how much you truly want what you are striving for

vitam agite (live your life)

The letter I


Work on your life as you would on the thing you love
Its only once you experience the beauty of trying, loving failing success
Its only once
Life will never meet eternity but your actions will ring through the dark of time
Make your steps worthy of being traced
Leave your mark on the world
aedificare Imperium sine fine (build an empire without an end)

The letter N


There is only forward
Barriers never existed
Limits never had a frame
This path is one of dreams
Each step is painful
Each inch is drenched in doubt
But that wont stop us
There is no going back
Hope isn’t needed
Because effort exceeds the need to wish
We will succeed in our dreams
Failure will be kept at bay with weapons made of determination
Shields made of motivation
And armor of acceptance
Hear us scream as we dream
Feel our sweat as we work
We will never give up, we are dreamers
And as such we bear the responsibility
To search for amazing, beautiful
nec spe, nec metu (without hope, without fear)

The letter O


Remove the veil they placed to keep you dazed
Throw stones at the mirrors they placed to hide the truth
Look up to see that glimmer of light through the smoke
Fight the power
Show them that their base is what they should respect
Let them choke on their greed
Never give in
Clear you mind, so you can hear their words
oderint dum metuant (let them hate, so long as they fear)

The letter V

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent (words fly away, writings remain)

Words can make you delusional
Empower you, make you feel as if the world is and always has been yours
It’s the one thing that allows us to convey who we are
It can destroy your entire reality
Bring you to tears, destroy every bit of self-esteem you ever claimed
And yet people take words for granted
They throw them around without meaning
Abusing their powers
Lies drenched in lies
The truth has always hidden in pages of history never told
Writers decided the memories of mankind
Never underestimate the power of words
For they might be moments fleeting in a wind
But once inscribed not even the thunder of gods can shake them
verba volant, scripta manent (words fly away, writings remain)

The letter E

Esto Quod Es (be what you are)

Its easy to lose yourself in a mask you created to fit in
Lose that little bit of realness as you walk through the maze of fighting prejudice
But break down the wall hiding the rain that falls
And embrace yourself
The ease of lies always cushion the cruelty of honesty
esto quod es (be what you are)

The letter N

Non progredi est regredi (to not go forward is to go backward)

Life is what you make it
No words or money will do it for you
But time is out of your control
Time never waits and life is a slave to time
So while you wait, time goes forward
While you prepare the world moves on
Planning never took action
It simply sits in words that will never come to life
Elusive dreams made of smoke
Will never form a path you can walk on
Don’t wait for change make it
Never give up
non progredi est regredi (to not go forward is to go backward)

The letter I

Infinitus est numerus stultorum (Infinite is the number of fools)

Always doubting your dreams
Always questioning your goals
Jealous of the maybe that you could reach what they could not
Convincing you that it’s impossible
The power of failing is that it wants others to do the same
Only fools stop dreaming
Infinitus est numerus stultorum (Infinite is the number of fools)

The letter T

Terminat hora diem, terminat auctor opus (The hour finishes the day, the author finishes his work)

Never restricted by time, never limited to the cage called rhyme
A writer born in words will forever sleep in them
An author losing himself in sentences will find both peace and a piece of his soul most will never claim
For as long as you control them, words will never betray you
Move your pen above and under the sun
Never stop
Terminat hora diem Terminat auctor opus (The hour finishes the day, the author finishes his work)

The letter A

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam (I will either find a way or make one)

There are no words you can say to stop me
There are no barriers you can make to limit my dreams
There is no box you can put me in, there is no emotion of mine you can poison with your jealousy
I don’t have any room for your fear
There is nothing literally nothing you can do to stop me
I’m not dreaming, I’m working on small goals to get to the big one
Always forward
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam (I will either find a way or make one)

The letter S

vino venitas poetry poem typography story writers writer author

I will always try to be better than I was yesterday
I will always seek for something new regardless of the consequences
I will keep learning till there is no more knowledge to be found
Meaning forever
I will always fear the complacency known as thinking I know it all
I want my horizon to stay broad
So I can travel in any direction
Only fools would claim they know everything
Only idiots judge without understanding
Keep trying keep learning
Scio me nihil scire (I know that I know nothing)

Those are all the pieces, all The words that define Vino Venitas, or at least my name. There are so many more words that I would need to define who I am. But that is what we are working on here right? So The words that define Vino Venitas are the words that live inside the letters that make my name. The words that define Vino Venitas is a collection of all the pieces I made videos for. So if you like these words, make sure you go out and watch the videos that accompany these pieces. Because  The words that define Vino Venitas are originally a video series, that typography based. So if you find yourself in The words that define Vino Venitas I am sure you will find yourself in my other stories and poems as well.

If you like The words that define Vino Venitas, I am sure you will like my other writing as well. Because The words that define Vino Venitas are more than just these pieces. The words that define Vino Venitas can be found in all of my writing, and by putting them all together you can make sure to understand me.