The problems with being creative

So today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that has been bothering me for quite some time. And the reason it is bothering me is because, I am always finding myself defending a point most people cant relate to. It might be the fact that thanks to my creativity I just view the world different, but at times it does get tiresome. Its not like I am reading a bunch of books, or like I am acting as if Im better than people. Its just that, if I view the world like everyone else, I will lose that little bit of creativity that decides how my mind calculates things. And that is what you could call The problems with being creative.

There are more than a few points, where my mind shows me that I might not have the standard processers working, like other people have working. I tend to do at LEAST 3 things at once, and even though I know that multitasking is a myth. I still watch movies when I write, I still watch TV shows while I update my websites. And I still play games in between ALL of that, just to keep my mind from wandering too much. It could be that I am too focused on being busy and creative, and thus am trying to maximize my time. But in a way I feel like I should just slow down a bit, and let some of my creative spirit simmer down. But the issue with that is that if I do that, I would completely lose myself to the business side, I have sleeping inside of me.

And my business side has become a bitter little dude, who has no more faith in people. And the lack of tact could potentially ruin, what could have been solid business relationships. I tend to be too honest with people, and tend to NOT be able to adjust myself to the situation correctly. Meaning that I don’t really have the skill set to be fake around fake people. And that is a HUGE business asset skill to have. So the problem with my creativity is that it still has a sense of dignity and pride, and it will still not allow me to simply sell out what morals I have left. The problems with being creative, are more than I could mention, but I could try to define the core.

The main problems I have with being creative, is that I feel like an outsider at times. The problems with being creative is that even if you are among other creative people, you can feel like an outsider. Because creativity isn’t always the same and cant always relate to one another. But yeah, that’s about it. Have a good day folks, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Because most of us will have these what we call The problems with being creative.