The damage he’s done

The first scratch was done with the first lie
It changed colors the first time he made me cry
The first dent was when suspicion was born
Felt as if I died when the first piece was torn
He apologized and promised it would heal with time
An expert in when to attack my heart or my mind
Delusions of strength as he kept me weak
Trained me to forgive him, before he would speak
After every misstep, he would be on his best behaviour
Too lost in dream of us, to recognize the danger
It wasn’t till he cracked the left side, that I would never be the same
I now had scars to forever remind me of the pain
Sweet talked me into forgiveness as he caressed the stitches
Like a psychopath fondling his trophy
As if he was proud he could do this to me
Staying away from the right side, cause it was not yet ready
It was still whole, still able to be happy
But it was not long lived, because as fast as I could forgive
He could do it again, and so he did
He went for the right side with a vicious blow
Left his phone unlocked, as if he wanted me to know
The right side didn’t crack, it shattered
The pieces then scattered, blown away by his rage cause his privacy mattered
Never have tears felt so heavy as when fuelled by a heart that is no longer there
Never will pain be as intense as a heart broken when all it wanted was to care
Each lie is a scratch unnoticed by arms reaching out
Each discovered dishonesty is a piece taken out
Each moment taken for granted is a dent forever imprinted
Each put down is a scar eternally vivid
The damage he’s done, has left her heart one sided
Handicapped her trust, even if she tries to hide it
A broken heart will always have a mark
But the damage he’s done, has ripped it apart
Her heart now sleeps in two places
Her smile is now shown on two faces
Picking up the pieces is easier said than done
Because some of these pieces have the ability to run
And love is fast, while forgiveness is slow
So the damage he’s done, when given time can grow
So be careful of what you say and do
Because the impact on her heart, is more than what she will show you
And keep in mind that you are in control over your match
And that heartbreak usually starts with a scratch

Yes sir, this one is called the The damage he’s done and its a piece I like because its real. These words “The damage he’s done”, is something most men will never hear women say. Because they are the cause of these words. But the The damage he’s done, is something you need to keep in mind, because you dont want to create bitter people, as you do what you do. So with The damage he’s done I want to show you that your actions have more impact than you know. And its not always about you, and I get how easy it is to be selfish and just give in, into whatever fantasy you have running around in your head. But The damage he’s done is something that could have easily been said by your mother, sisters or cousin.

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