Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results

Yes, Yes YESSSSSS, we are back with the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results, and I am happy to be here because I could have been somewhere completely different with this. So it makes sense that if you go forward you get some kind of happiness right? And with the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results, being this optimistic it just makes sense that I get all smiley like. And even though its the end of the week, and you had to process a lot, I am sure you will want to come sit with me and process these numbers of the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results. Lets go.


Gain Twitter Followers Social Media Experiment

Followers: 1875 from 1585

Yeah that just happened, you saw it correctly and here at the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results we or rather I have shown you that it is possible to get a bunch of followers in one week. Now I have to admit that I did cheat with this, cause my followers and the people I am following are basically the same, but hey as a non famous person its one of the most effective ways. So even if we are at the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results, I am glad to say that we did go up a big amount in comparison to the first week. And I am looking into or rather thinking about the promotional usage of the Twitter marketing of tweets. I think starting next month, I will give it a try to promote some stuff … cause I can.


Gain Instagram Followers Social Media Experiment

Followers: 866 from 782

Yeah, you saw it right, I went up a BUNCH of followers again. And I love it, because it just means that more people understand what it is I am trying to do here. And this being the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results, I am glad to be happy about this. Because for the longest I couldnt get these numbers up. But with being overactive on instagram, it just makes sense that I should be all happy that my efforts are showing results. Because it aint easy liking and commenting on all these posts and pics. But yeah, the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results just got made a lot more sunshine because of these rises.


Esto Quod Es (be what you are)

Week hits: 123 from 167

This is a slight decrease, but I still cant get mad, because Im in the triple digits scene now. And since this is just the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results I am sure that in following editions I can make this go up even further. Because I have decided to increase the marketing for my own brand by lets say ten fold, and it should have a direct effect on the amount of hits I will be getting in. Im not certain of course but seeing as we are already at the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results I kind of want bigger numbers for the site. So I am going to do just that. I am starting it at the end of this month.


Get more youtube hits week 26 Social media experiment results

Subscriptions: 200 from 197

Hits: 0

Ok so the reason for the fact that I got 0 views, is because I was too busy with other stuff to ACTUALLY wrap up the videos. They are like on 80% and 90% but I didnt have the time to bring them to a close. So instead I just took some of my old poetry and put that up. Its cheating I know, but sometimes you have to choose between money and what you are doing for yourself, and money can beat you at sometimes. And that is what happened, I know its excuses, but hey Im still not perfect yet. And with the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results being as they are, I can accept this number, cus its not the first time it happened. But now that I am here, I am more than sure that I can bring this to a complete turnaround with my new concept for Vino Venitas.


get more facebook fan page like week 26 social media experiment results

Fan Page Likes: 142 from 141

Yeah, you heard it hear first, I just got one extra like on my page. I just did that, I should throw a party for this occasion. And then invite only these 141 people to come and join me. But yeah, lets get happy and be coo and not let the lack of growth affect us too bad. Because like I said, I am planning some good marketing for VinoVenitas.com and the channel I will use to do it, will be Facebook. So I am assuming that this will indirectly get some feedback from it, and should increase my likes. That is what I am assuming, but I cant be too certain of it of course. But yeah, this is the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results, and I am still stuck in pretty much the same place  as I started.

Overall Experience

Ok so, this week Vino Venitas had 2 performances, one on the radio and one at a Nelson Mandela rally, where I got to perform my Mandela piece. And I also had a few meetings about certain issues regarding SpokenNotes, and then I had to go out and be cordial to some folks. Lets just say that it was a pretty hectic week, because I also got some freelance jobs in, designing things for folks. And after all that I still had to make sure I do 10 tweets a day, 1 instagram picture a day and 1 poem and 1 story for the website and 2 youtube videos. The one that kind of got kicked in the nuts was the Youtube one. But I did do all the other stuff on point and without fail. And btw, do you guys realize that for the last few months I have been kicking out 10 damn tweets everyday and each one is just a freestyle I make up on the spot. That is kind of dope … its kinda is. But yeah, lets conclude the Week 26 Social Media Experiment Results right here, and go and have a good Sunday for as far as we still can.