Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women

It could be that maybe, they are tired of arguing all the time
It could be that maybe, they want something they can no longer find
Because maybe, western women have this sense of entitlement
That requires them to act as if the world should be given to them
It could be just that
Or maybe they just want the feelings of being real men back
Not feeling obligated to take you out
And not coming home to screams and shouts
And not living up to a standard you set with imagination
Not having to outdo themselves every date, it breeds frustration
So maybe it’s because this headstrong philosophy has taken over society
In a way that western women now no longer appreciate equality
It could be just that
Or maybe it’s the fact that foreign women still treat men as a thing worth having
Instead of something to escape loneliness, or saturate a basic craving
Or it could be the fact that being a slut, has become a trend in the west
Or it could be the fact that they just can’t let the past rest
Considering arguing a language of its own
Foreign women place the relationship above the needs of their own
And that means that will try to please their man, the best they can
And western women, think they can be their own man
It might just be the beauty of an old system no longer valid
The west has forgotten certain roles and the benefits from it
This is still all just speculation
And nothing can be proven
But the thoughts of western men seem pretty linked up
As the link between men and women gets more and more messed up
The distance keeps growing, as sex loses its value
Moral standards become a concept no longer true
The games played ruin what could have been, and it will never be the same
And foreign women, don’t play by the same game
It might be this, it could be this, but hey what do I know
Frustration always seeks for a way to let go
And it could be irritation that forces these men away
It could be the beauty of foreign women that makes them stay
It could be the captivating new culture that comes along
It could be the fact that for 3 months nothing went wrong
It could be the lack of friction that they would usually get
It could be all these things, then again it could be none of it
It could be the excitement that comes with new
And it could just be the new thing to do
But if you had to pick between arguing and peace, what would you do?
Instead of complaining, you could change the situation
Instead of hating, you could try adjusting
This is all from a man’s perspective, so it could be a bit biased
But maybe foreign women, are more agreeable than western women is a fact
I know, but maybe it could be just that

I was told that this would be a good piece, and of course the question Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women is one slick one to do. Because with all the stuff that is going on in the world, Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women is a question that does get downplayed a bit. But I did notice that this is an issue that concerns a few people. As if the western women arent good enough, and what makes these foreign women so much more appealing. Well I couldnt give you a definitive answer, but I am sure you guys will find a few points or rather answers to Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women. And in case you still dont get Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women, you might just want to youtube it for a first person point of view of people who actually married some foreign women. I did try to incorporate their opinions in my piece about Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women, but I am sure you will get some answers out of those videos as well.

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