The Ferguson Riots

I wonder what you guys think, when you see this rage
Your thought process as you look at this dark page
Could it be fear, gripping that little heart
As you watch a revolution start
Or maybe its disgust for this barbaric behaviour
How these “black” people, just randomly attack their neighbour
How they attack the police, who are there to protect the peace
How they antagonize the army, who are there to make it all cease
But maybe just maybe you can see it for what it is
Maybe just maybe you can look at the victims as your kids
And understand that when they get shot simply for their color
When they get beaten, and common among their brothers
They are tired, tired of living in fear
Tired of hiding their tears
Tired of the clutch the police have on their lives
The pain they feel as one of their own dies
And their inability to do anything about it
Because let’s be honest … the justice system doesn’t give a shit
They would rather protect the system that is in place
And this racist system of police will have to save face
Killing black isn’t an offensive worth going to jail for
Child, old man, innocent, male, female, rich or poor
In the eyes of the law they are nothing more than a sore
Because these laws even though Rewritten are still wrong at its core
Whenever you can’t keep an organization responsible for their acts
They will push the limit, and regardless of the consequences never go back
I for one understand the riots, and hope they bring forth change
However I do hope it stays within a sensible range
But fighting the power is the only way to show you are ready for freedom
Because words fall on deaf ears if they are aren’t said after the sound of a gun
If they aren’t said with billions in the bank, and millions to burn
If they aren’t coming from bankers and corporations that make the world turn
Words and peace lack the strength of action and conviction
Never can you tell me that the riots are based on a wrong motivation
If justice isn’t given, you demand, force it to fall
An unjust law, isn’t a law at all
The media plays its part, making sure we stay apart
The media has its role, even if corrupt from the start
I am waiting to see what they will bring to distract you
I am anxious to see what the world will do
But till that day, I understand their rage
Till that day, I will look at this black page
I won’t write words to quell the situation
I am not here hoping for more devastation
But I am hoping that the people understand that they are not at the whim of a government that doesn’t care for them
They are the people, they are the democracy and they can fight for justice, and these riots are doing that for you and for me

Ok I wanted to make sure that I wrote a piece about the The Ferguson Riots that shows that I understand the rage and pain of the people in ferguson. I also wanted to make sure that, for those who are just looking at The Ferguson Riots as an isolated incident, could get a different point of view. Because this isnt a simple issue of a cop killing a colored kid, but the fact that cops are just wrong. But that is part of this conversation, but not the correct place for this conversation. And I thought about making this about the nonsense trial that went on to take this police officer to justice, but no, focusing on the pain of the people in Ferguson and The Ferguson Riots, just makes more sense. Because The Ferguson Riots are the perfect example of society understanding that they can no longer take it. The Ferguson Riots are hopefully the start of something grand that will truly affect change. And having the army meet The Ferguson Riots might look like the right thing, but in the end it just goes to show, that regardless of what your so called status is … you can still be opposed by your own government. The Ferguson Riots, will forever be a page in history worthy of looking at.

If you like The Ferguson Riots piece, I am sure you will like my poetry book as well. And maybe we can start preventing a next chapter of The Ferguson Riots.