Waiting for the screams

There isn’t a phone in his hand, no music in his ear
No distractions, his focus is crystal clear
But it’s broken by a homeless man who takes a seat
To kill the silence, the homeless one starts to speak
“You’re new around here huh young one”
“Based on your look you must have went for a run”
“You do know that this isn’t the safest place to be”
“And sitting here at night alone, is pure insanity”
“But perhaps you’re looking for trouble, or are trouble itself”
The man looks at him with a smile, and keeps his reply to himself
As he turns his focus back to what’s in front of him
The homeless man, continues his one sided speaking
“Well I couldn’t care less either way”
“This city is getting closer to hell each day”
“You would swear this has become deaths playground”
“To the point where it’s weird if there’s no gunfire in the background”
“The police doesn’t care, cause its black on black”
“And the mayor only makes sure his pockets are fat”
“It truly seems as if the only one watching this place is death”
“Lawlessness is the rule of the land, and bullets his breath”
“That’s why I took a sip for each life lost, and donated a penny for each tear”
“I have been broke and drunk for the last 10 years”
“But who cares right? The homeless are just decoration for streets no longer looked at”
“And the freedom that comes with this … Not for the world would I give it back”
“But I didn’t catch your name”
The man once again looks at him, and smiles as if to show no response is coming
“You’re not that into talking?”
“That’s ok, as long as you don’t kill me for it, we’re good”
“But this is the first time I have seen you in this hood”
“Did you just move here, or are you just visiting?”
“If I’m asking too much, just say so and I’ll stop prying”
Out of nowhere the man suddenly gets off the bench and stands up
As his head looks up at the sky a hail of screams erupt
The park in front of them is lit up with flares of gunfire
The homeless man hides behind the bench to escape stray fire
The homeless man screams at the man to hide as well
But he can see him smile as if entertained by this hell
The gun fire doesn’t cease, but the man seems at peace
He looks at the homeless man, with a smile and speaks
“My name is Yama, and I am here on business”
“All the work I find here, it’s a thing I personally want to witness”
“But you were right, death is intrigued by this city”
“And regardless of color, it remains a pity”
“But you can stand tall, it’s not your time”
“You will have to excuse me, I have to greet those who left it all behind”
Without any more words, the man walks towards the fray
The homeless man stands up, and gained words only few can say
“I saw Death that day”

Waiting for the screams is the latest piece I have written. I needed a new piece, so I decided to look through some of the concepts I had not worked on yet. And that is where I found this concept called “Waiting for the screams” just waiting to be written. And I had to do it justice, so I made it a piece that suits both the old me as well as the kinder “non killing” me. And with a name as “Waiting for the screams” its kind of obvious it wont be a nice story. But even so, I had to make sure that this piece “Waiting for the screams” wasnt too gruesome for most. So I decided to go with a piece that would show you a glimpse of what I could have done if I decided to make “Waiting for the screams” into a more classical Vino piece. But I do like this version, it shows us the beauty of both homeless people and fact that they might be the only ones able to live life untainted by the nonsense of mass media. So that is why “Waiting for the screams” is a piece about both death and talking. Sometimes you have no idea who you are talking to, and what they are capable of. But as long as you dont ask, you will never know.

If you like this piece “Waiting for the screams”, I am more than sure that you will love some of my other pieces as well.