Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results

The week wouldnt end right if we didnt do the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results, because we have come to love these explanations on how we do from week to week. This weeks the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results arent that different from the other weeks but this Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results, do have something special and that is that it is NEW for this week. And since we all love new, I am sure that you guys will just want to read what was good. Because HEY whats good is good, and whats new is the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results.


instagram followers

Followers: 660 from 608 last week

Not as big a spike as these other weeks, but I am doing pretty good with regards to still getting new followers. And these new followers are still a great addition to my Instagram account, because I love sharing my work and I appreciate people liking it. But yeah, Instagram is still the big winner in this Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results, because just a few weeks ago it was still at 75. And I did come up with this nominate a writer concept, after I was nominated, but that would mean I would have to write a piece for instagram as well. Of course I could do it, but hey lets just see how it works out first.


Twitter followers

Followers: 1330 from 1305 last week.

Ok so the world is no longer reacting to my old trick, so I have to either find a new trick or just keep on as I been keeping on, and see how that would work. But the thing is, if I just do what I have been doing my followers wont go up AT ALL, till I get one viral tweet in. And that day might never come. But yeah I am working on it, but with the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results its still a little unclear what the right way to go is with this whole Twitter thing.


Verba Volant, Scripta Manent (words fly away, writings remain)

Week hits: 95 from 86 last week

Yeah, the site has ALMOST and I do mean ALMOST hit that 100 mark, and if I can get that, I would be REALLY happy. Because that means the site has like gone up a 1000% from where it was. And that is the best thing for my website. And I am still writing a bunch of pieces, to make sure that I can increase the luck factor to get me some viral chances. But even if this is the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results, it doesnt matter, because I am not giving up on it.


Youtube views

Subscriptions: 191 from 186 last week

Hits: – I uploaded these vids REALLY late again … yeah I keep doing it.

So yeah, once again I am here and once again I can tell you guys that I am getting REALLY tired of not getting any hits on my vids. So I have decided that I will restructure the entire thing. And I will just finish the current series I am doing with spelling my name out. But after that I am getting back in front of the camera. And I have a pretty good idea on some new vids, and they will all be about the TRUTH. And I will try to use the same concept I am using on VinoVenitas.com on my Youtube channel. So even if its the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results, I think I finally found a solid path for my Youtube channel to follow. Because its been astray for WAY too long.


facebook likes

Fan Page Likes: 141 –

Yeah, I keep telling people it might just be time to let this go. But as soon as I get to December, I will start a TRUE promotional tour for some of these damn tweets I be putting out. And I will make sure that my page gets a lot more exposure. I dont know what will happen, but I am sure more people will see my name. Because this is just pissing me off. This is the Week 24 Social Media Experiment Results and I am hereby declaring the fact that I will increase this before this damn experiment ends.

Overall Experience

Ok, so due to some unforeseen stuff I wasnt as fast as I wanted to be. But I did get done what I needed to get done. So now I am able to stand here, or well sit here and be coo and get ready for next week. But I will not and I repeat will not give up on making at LEAST one of these damn things make it big. I am tapping into every corner of my creativity, and its not exhausted yet, but man o man it is getting tired. But even if it runs dry, I will keep going. And if you want to help you can BUY MY BOOK.