I dont have Facebook

They walk past him, never once glanced his way
An outcast by choice, so there were no words to say
The chitter chatter of nudes that were released
Have no meaning to ears not listening to the rhythm of hashtag beat
The rage of Instagram as it brought down the high and mighty
Sounds like fantasy to him who never took the time to go and see
Never logged in, never registered, never tried it
Heard the tales, but he simple declined it
Saw no need for new technology and the so called ease that came along
His need for privacy is and was just too strong
Catches the occasional meme as someone shows him, and he grins
But a smile for such ridicule, seems like a wasteful thing
Its not that he doesn’t care, its just that he doesn’t have to
Its just that these hashtags, with him, have nothing to stick to
There is a number, and there is a email you can contact him on
But to place all his business online, to this day still feels wrong
And his friends try to get him hooked, show him the ease, the simplicity
Show him how fun it can be, and the beauty of its connectivity
The hashtags of twitter, the beautiful ladies of Instagram, his family and friends on Facebook
But they seem to not understand, that he gets it, but will never give it more than a look
To his logic, if its importance oversteps the internet, one of you will inform him
Write a whole backstory so you can explain the whole thing
Because your precious internet has once again entertained you
And you want to share this feeling, with those closest to you
But through his eyes, all of you have become something no longer bound by unity
To him you are nothing but, internet junkies whose mind frame has been left empty
Constantly chasing the next viral video, the latest news of what hat a celebrity wore
To him you have become nothing more, but news whores
You pimp yourself out, to recruit more to think the way you do
Simplify the world so everyone can feel the way you do
No longer able to be alone, no longer able to just think for yourself
Not depending on the internet to define your self esteem, not BE by yourself
All of you have forsaken the simple thing that made you human, made you real
But that is just how he feels
He wont say a word, he will simply stay away from this drug called being online 24/7
He will keep refusing to join the ranks of Facebook junkies who keep checking it 24/7
No sir, he doesn’t have Facebook, he doesn’t have Twitter, he doesn’t have Instagram
He doesn’t need those things to talk to people, he is what you may call a stubborn man
But in a way I look up to him, and in a way I want to be like him
But I keep getting messages, and I just get happy when I hear that message ring
Am I still able to leave Facebook?

So from time to time I still meet people who tell me “I dont have Facebook” and whenever they do that I want to go “I dont have Facebook either” But the truth I do, but lets be SUPER honest here for a second, the fact that I want to say “I dont have Facebook” means that I truly feel that way. But I am using the excuse that I am using it as a marketing tool. Now to be fair, for these last few months that is true. But here is the thing, I am seeing that Facebook as a marketing tool isnt as great as these other people be making it out to be. So I can promise you, that if I dont see significant results come from this experiment I am doing I will be able to say “I dont have Facebook”. And I will smile and just approach some random people and say “I dont have Facebook”. And they will smile and understand that I am once again free from the tyranny that is Facebook. Yes, “I dont have Facebook” will soon be my new slogan. Well maybe not soon … this experiment will prove what its worth. But yeah “I dont have Facebook” … coming soon to an ear near you.