The Dismemberment of Aaliyah’s Memory

It was a cold night, the wind carried a sad cry with it

Years will pass, and I won’t be able to forget it

Aaliyah the Princess of R&B

It was on my screen, they showed it with pride

As if what they had done, was something they shouldn’t hide

It started so innocent, with a concept we could rally behind

But then they gathered all the garbage they could find

And amassed into one, without even a shred of dignity they called it done

I sat there watching as they tore her memory apart

My memory was screaming as they were taking a piss on my heart

This was just foul, this was just wrong

How do you pay homage to a musician without using their songs?

Scratching the surface of what could have been

With an actress that thinks talent is something the producer is using

This is sad beyond any words I could state

The moment where art is moved for money, is one I hate

Because its then, that they place the product above quality

Where they render a beautiful story, to be felt as empty

This is what lifetime gave us to deal with

Everyone who sat at that screening and didn’t say “THIS IS BULLSHIT”

Should be fired, retired or have some honour and just quit

Aaliyah was someone who we could relate to

Aaliyah was someone whose path was to be true

But I had to sit there and watch this lacklustre effort in trying to tell her story

I had to sit there and watch emotions that were completely empty

Characters that we knew, but couldn’t identify

Lifetime … did you even try?


Ok thanks to all the hype surrounding the release of this movie, I felt the need to watch it as well. So I downloaded it, as anyone would do, once they have been told its a bad movie. And then it started … it was slow, but with every scene they decided to kill the memory of Aaliyah, and not just that they even decided to mock it. The director who made this movie, must have never understood the concept of how you build a character. And the script writers … as a fellow writer, I am ashamed that I can refer to you as such … shame on you. And last but DAMN sure not least … the casting director … seriously … YOU need to go through all the memes you have inspired. They  had me laughing. But yeah Aaliyah, may you rest in peace. And I hope that one day the Aaliyah story will be told the proper way, with directors who understand how to make a good movie.

Aaliyah redefined more than just music, and to have treated like this … damn. In case you feel like you need to read more.