How to get rid of fruit flies

A question posed by those who have lost their homes to these flies

As if 2 get born when one dies

They have been found in rooms where no fruit has ever been

They circle around your home, forcing you to do something

So you swat, you spray, you scream, you burn

You get frustrated, so you go online and learn

How to get rid of fruit flies

But alas the internet is full of lies

So here is the truth behind this epidemic

These flies have been manufactured truly systematic

They are part of a scheme, a plan set to enter your homes

They created these bugs without any bones

It  took years of research, dedicated effort and funding

With this success, the scientists now sit smiling

Everyone around the globe is experiencing these pests

These results have been referred to as “the best”

Now I am sure you are wondering as to why they would do this

 It might be weird, but there is a simple point you might have missed

For some inflicting pain is the reward, for others money is the key

But some … yes some … inside, they are truly empty

Their only wish is to see the world burn

And now finally its their turn

Now I am sure you are aware, that the fire isnt consuming everything

But some nerds are just happy making sure your day is frustrating

Pissing you off is enough, their own way of bullying

So the beauty of these fruit flies can be seen as intriguing

For they are payback for all the wrong you have done

Karma coming back, an eternal source of fun


Yeah, it seems that almost everyone is being bothered by these darn fruit flies. And I am so sure, that you guys are searching for an answer as to why these darn bugs are all over the place. So the answer as to How to get rid of fruit flies isnt one that can be answered as easily. Because their cause isnt one of a simple origin. If you like this story, make sure you read the book as well. And if you are still looking for another answer to How to get rid of fruit flies, you might want to look at the truth behind my story.