Dream Chasers Statistics

It has become the standard for someone to be involved with something creative. And since everyone is creative, the pool from which creativity jumps from becomes a bit diluted. Its not bad that people have something to keep them up, and keeps motivating them as they go through the dull event called life. The problem is that some people actually start defining themselves, without putting in any work. The simple purchase of the tools of the trade, often makes them feel like they can wear the title. The correct way in MY opinion would be to PRACTICE your craft first, and then get to a certain level, before you start calling yourself said title. It has to do with a certain level of humbleness that most people lack. And most people tend to believe that their products are already on the highest level.

But the problem most encounter, is that they let their passion, often overtakes them and they start believing that their passion should become a integral part of their life. Which is a beautiful thing, but the problem is that they tend to think that they can make money from it, without even putting in any work. If people just looked at things a bit more logical, they would realize that dreams arent meant to be  chased, but they are meant to be broken down into small goals, and worked on. This will not only allow you to become better as you progress through time, but it will also help you understand the entire field of your new hobby. This kinetic typography video is a pure after effects text video, made to be used for both business and creative release.

This was of course a video, I had to make to make sure that people understood what was going on in the world. The Dream Chasers Statistics, isnt just a simple graph of information, but its also a small addition to the portfolio, so people can see what me and my team can do. So with this Dream Chasers Statistics, we want to inform and entice at the same time. And in case you liked this, make sure you buy the book to get even more inspiration, such as this Dream Chasers Statistics video that made you keep looking.