If ever Im put on the spot!!!

You and I have never seen eye to eye
With every lie a piece of me would cry
You gave me wings that refuse to fly
I would rather die than give us another try
> You aint neva lie
I’m a river with only one drop of water
I’m that lonely dark corner in heaven where god forgot to look
I’ m the one whispering in the devils ear as he writes his book
And I’m the one showing you the truth when you refuse to look
> You aint neva lie
Armed with words, fighting the powers that be
And empathy slowly turns to sympathy as it tells me
That insanity becomes legendary in the hands of a revolutionary
Come with me as I go to war with history
> You aint neva lie
I try to hide and find a piece of mind I left behind
Trying to be kind as I realigned the lines that had my soul in a bind
Found myself on the grind as I was fined for trying to be fine
You try to explain to your heartbreak that you missed the signs
> You aint neva lie
In search of someone to love I made my fair share of mistakes
Lost control, hands of the steering wheel, foot off the brakes
I didn’t fall in love with you, I crashed into you
I gave you my heart, I just forgot to tell you
> You aint neva lie
Sometimes I want to tell my creativity to cool down
Sometimes I want only one personality around
Sometimes I want someone to hug me
Sometimes I want to be left alone, no one to bug me
> You aint neva lie
I sniffed the sands of time, then wrote a rhyme
And each line was so out of its mind I had to assign a shrink
Just to make sure that my Insanity wasn’t on the decline
Because I went to the future, came back with a message from myself, and I told me
“it’s going to be fine.”
> You aint neva lie
You have never seen time stand still in front of you
As those who have a firm grasp of what is true
You have never kicked in the gates of hell
And screamed that you have a story to tell
If you have never had an army of words to move as you seem fit
My words will not make sense, you will not get it
I stand in front of you in all honesty, and tell you I’m broken
But I still refuse every token they put in front of me
Cause if my heart is to be filled with lies, I would rather be empty
I’ve been in this state so long, that I’m forgetting how to feel
And FUCK what they told you, there are some wounds time doesn’t heal
And sometimes words don’t help, and help itself just makes things worse
Sometimes shutting the world out is the thing to do
> You aint neva lie


If ever Im put on the spot, is a piece that I will most likely still perform someday. I wrote it on my phone to be used in case “If ever Im put on the spot”. It kind of makes sense to have a piece you can use a poet. I know that a lot of people would prefer going into their old material on those kind of occasions. But I am one of those writers who wants to keep doing NEW stuff, so I never EVER reuse my old poems. So this “If ever Im put on the spot” poem, is one I will use on stage, in case someone tells me to go and perform something right quick. But alas I havent been in a situation where I could say or think If ever Im put on the spot, so I figured I might as well share it with all of you.

Now if you liked If ever Im put on the spot, I am sure you will like my other pieces as well. So make sure you go and buy the book to support the boy, so that If ever I’m put on the spot you will have something to reference my stuff to. And lets just hope that you will be there If ever Im put on the spot.