Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results

Its the end of the week, and so we have to get down to the nitty gritty of what is the results I have accumulated so far. So lets get down to the very essence of the Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results. Make sure you get a cup of whatever it is you like to drink and look at some of these numbers, of an experiment that has taken me more time than is funny. But yeah lets get it on with the Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results.


Youtube poetry video

Subscriptions: 178 same from last week

This weeks hits: 5 LOL … sometimes I forget to share these vids … this is what happens.

Ok so, I was once again late with dropping the second vid. But the reason for that is pretty simple, I was kind of sad at the way the things were going. And I am not the most productive and creative when Im sad … so I had to get past the sadness first before I could get down and create something again. So that is why the hits are so low.


Twitter gain followers

Followers: 900 from 718 last week

Ok so I went up almost 200 plus followers this week. Which is pretty darn dope, and we hope that this momentum will keep going, and going so that I can just see some REAL growth in this. That would be awesome, but yeah lets see how this will play out. But regardless I am pretty happy with this spike. The reason for this could be the followback hashtag, but I personally think its because I was added to a few lists, that told people to follow me.


Instagram follow me

Followers: 317 from 270 last week

So I got 47 extra followers this week, and that is beautiful, because I was stuck at 75 for a pretty long time. So to see this kind of growth come my way is just happiness in an internet connection. This growth should be coo after a few more weeks, because then I can look at it with a smile, and see people appreciate my words … I like that. So I am sure that after the Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results I will be back with some good news for you guys.


Facebook fan page

Fan Page Likes: 140 same from last week

Yeah, once again this page of mine isnt getting any real shine. But I am looking at some possible steps to do, to see if I can increase the amount of likes I can get on this one. Because it would be sad if all of the other stuff I do is getting in some hits and followers, but this one got stuck due to a lack of attention. Because its kind of hard to get to the Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results and still be only a few steps away from starting point.


vino venitas good poetry book

Hits this week: 34

Ok, so it seems we are once again dropping down with this one, so I should up my pen game a bit. And I have come up with a pretty coo concept, that could work if I push it the right way. I am thinking about the right strategy to make sure my new concept for the site will work. I might just try to make use of the current amount of followers I have. But yeah, I am gonna try to make this site a bit bigger than it is right now.

Overall Experience

Ok so the overall experience, of this week was that I was a little tired and sad at the same time. I wasnt able to tap into the full potential known as my creativity. But that didnt stop me from doing what needs to be done. I always make sure I meet the deadlines, and that I can show you guys what is possible if you dont give up. It might not be super entertaining right now, but I am working on it. So this will conclude the Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results and it must have shown you something good. Because I didnt get sad typing this weeks results. And oh yeah, if you have read the entire Week 20 Social Media Experiment Results you might want to consider reading some more good stuff. You can read some more good stuff RIGHT HERE.