Awareness of Energy

This time around, I didnt want to focus on the energy, but I wanted to focus on the story itself, and that is how I came up with the concept of Awareness of Energy. And someone pointed out that awareness is slowly fading away from society. And that I should do something that should bring some attention to it. And so I did, and since I just couldnt point it out, I had to find a angle that could show you how you dont care about it anymore. You might have a few connections that you still cherish, and will try to improve without regard for your own selfish needs. But most of your connections nowadays are just shallow damn near empty pools of words shared with someone you dont truly know.

And people tend to try to force a connection, and then blame it on the other party that they dont feel the same way. Selfish people tend to create a situation that, other people see, and then judge. The sadness about it all is that this has become the standard, and that this has become what people tend to expect from one another. No one is truly surprised at all the heinous things people do anymore. Because its a widely known fact that people are just low and tend to place themselves first at ALL times. So once you have a good grasp of the concept of Awareness of Energy, you can improve these connections.

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