Aedificare Imperium Sine Fine

This is the 2nd edition of the Vino Venitas series, in which I am giving each letter in my name its own piece. And since Vino Venitas is based on a latin phrase, I wanted to make sure each letter is embedded with its own as well. So this one carries the term Imperium Sine Fine which means Empire without an end, and I had to add that Aedificare to make sure that build is in it. And that is how we get to Aedificare Imperium Sine Fine, which translated into Build an empire without an end. This goes to show that the beauty of words doesnt diminish regardless of the time that passes.

The piece isnt a long one, because the letter I, isnt all that long or curvy, so all the space needed to be filled wasnt as big as you would have liked. But the piece itself is still a clear message that you shouldnt think that you will be here forever. But you can still try to make sure that your presence is known to the world. And if not the world, than at least to your direct environment. And if even that proves to be not possible, try to find your place in the world. Regardless of what it might be, try to be as great as you can, with what you have. And if what you have isnt strong enough to carry out your will … see if you can create of make something worth having that will help you build the empire you have envisioned. So instead of carpe diem … say to yourself Aedificare Imperium Sine Fine, and start your day with a whole now outlook on what is possible and what needs to be done.

If you like this piece, dont forget that I also have a book you might want to take a look at. It has several pieces that will motivate you after this one, to make sure you become the best you can be, and dont forget Aedificare Imperium Sine Fine.