Why am I so tired?

Should this question ever find its way to you

Look back at what you have been through

If the world feels heavy, before the day even started

If everything outside feels as if its not necessary

You might be more than tired

Time creeps past you, while screaming for your attention

Being tired chisels away that little bit of motivation you had left

Fun is a term used to describe past events

Why am I so tired?

It might be your mind, tired of trying to succeed

Failure is all that rests in your hands, while your reach is still for the stars

But not living the life you want, tires you out

Dreaming a dream you cant chase, exhausts you

Not having a clear goal to get up for, breaks you down

Moving towards a job you hate, will shatter every bit of energy you could ever claim

Happiness could very possibly be the remedy to your fatigue

Purpose could very possibly be the cure to the dark

If you asked yourself more than once, it means you are close to the edge

Depression often sits on the heels of this question

Why am I so tired?

Never sleep inside those words

Why am I so tired?

Never let your mindstate be defined by those words

Its often not being tired, its just that you dont want to think

You dont want to relive the same moments over and over

You want to relax, unwind and find that little bit of joy you can claim

People would define it as doing nothing, but I am here to tell you

That its you going back to reclaim what little bit of energy you had left

Try to redefine your life, try to redefine your habits, restructure your patterns

And if all else fails … you might just need some sleep



Recently I found myself losing certain aspects of business, which just made me feel pretty depressed. I didnt feel like doing the things I was doing, and I didnt feel like it was worth it. I started to think that maybe I should just give in. But I forced myself to keep going, and that is when it happened. I became tired all the time … without any real indication I started to tell myself “Im tired”. Just getting out of bed to do what I do, became hard. Because the joy of it was taken out of it, I was now solely driven by responsibility, which forced me to ask myself Why am I so tired? And the answer was, because I gave up on something that I shouldnt have. And I wanted to translate that into words, so this one might just be more for me than for anyone else.

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