Thinking Outside of the Box

Thinking outside of the box is something creative people tend to say, to make sure that they dont just repeat others people ideas. Its a guideline to make sure you come up with something extremely creative and unexpected. But sometimes its not just that, sometimes people tend to use boxes, as a way to classify a certain group of people. The problem with doing that, is that from that moment on you have created certain expectations that either shut out any chance of a normal dialogue or makes you look like a complete jerk/racist. There are of course more than a few examples you give, but one of the most recognizable is that the quote “you speak really well”. This means that from the very beginning, you had them in a box, and they defied it by showing you they are better than the standards you gave them inside the box.

So thinking outside of the box, is something that should be applied to the general populace, to make sure that they dont group people together based on their own prejudices. Of course you cant just expect everyone to do it, but you can start with yourself. Try to give everyone a fair shot at being themselves, instead of making them part of a group, they might not identify with. Look at people as human beings first, before you assign them their place in the world. So try to make thinking outside of the box, the standard way of processing information, as it will make the world a better place. Maybe not by leaps and bounds, but by one valuable step at a time.

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