#Love #Retweet #Followback

With the massive amount of tweets I have done in a short amount of time, I can safely tell you guys that some of my words never get seen. And the reason why, is because people tend to have more people they follow than they can read. And people tend to ignore what they havent liked before. Its a trend that is apparent in almost all social media, as people tend to justify their worth by the amount of followers or likes they have and get. Which isnt bad in itself, but some people tend to get lost in this search, and forget that their worth lies in themselves and not on others opinion of them. And damn sure not in something as cluttered as the internet.

If you arent famous or infamous, or try to be as provocative as  possible. Or simply go into some cliche, people can easily relate to, you can easily get lost in the stream of non likes and basically no attention to your words. I wanted to make sure that those people, dont forget that their words still matter. That they dont forget that just speaking the words, has value in itself. And most people who use hashtags use the most current ones just to make sure their stuff gets noticed. And for some reaseon #Love #Retweet #Followback are pretty common hashtags, that tend to dominate a lot of tweets and IG posts. So I wanted to make sure that the people who use those tags, were able to find this, or at least have the chance to, and thus the title #Love #Retweet #Followback .

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