3D Anime Trailer SaseY

3D Anime Trailer SaseY is a an old video, well not really old but its one heck of a vid and it did take some time to make it. And it was to be the first step, towards a complete series. Yeah the boy was planning to create a whole anime, but the whole thing kind of fell in a puddle of priorities and didnt get to be completed the way it should have been. But the whole concept behind it, and of course the story itself were all thought out, and it would have been one epic story. But the actual making of the videos would have been one heck of a job, so to be fair with you guys, its just too much work to do alone. But I did like making it. But to be all the way 100 with you guys, the main issue I had with making this video is that I needed other  peoples voices, to make it a complete thing. And as you might have noticed, I dont really like other people. Because they dont really tend to stick to their word, and or promises. So after a few weeks of waiting for people to send in their voices, I just kind of gave up on it. Once I make enough money, I will come back to this project, and then I am sure these people will be back to help me create this entire series. But for now you just get to enjoy the workings of the concept I had in mind for the whole series. I am pretty sure, you will like it. If you are a fan of Anime and or Manga and of course Manwha, or Dragonball or One Piece or Naruto or Bleach or maybe even a Death Note, you will like this one as well. So enjoy the 3D Anime Trailer SaseY.

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