Vitam Agite (Live Your Life)

Vitam Agite Live Your Life is my latest video, and this come came into being due to the fact that I needed to make one and when I was thinking to myself, this one came into my mind. So I decided to do the weirdest thing ever, and actually make it. And I missed a few points of what I wanted but all in all it didnt come out too bad. And I made sure that I didnt rhyme a darn word in this piece, because I wanted to make sure that I could ask music to it. And in my opinion which I am sticking to, is that if you add rhymes to music … it becomes MUSIC. So now if you classify this is a record, I dont mind, and if you classify this as a regular spoken word I am ok as well. But yeah, I wanted to make sure I wrote something that went with the feeling I am feeling for some time now. Because this sense of failing is getting pretty strong when you keep trying stuff and it just DOESNT work out the way you want it to. So instead of you, with this video Vitam Agite (Live Your Life)  I am trying to motivate myself. And that is why I wanted to make sure that I had something grand in it, to make it all legit, and thats how I came up with the Vitam Agite (Live Your Life)  quote, to make it a bit more legit.

Now in case you do like this one, and you feel like you want some more motivational pieces. You might want to consider buying my poetry book, as it will give you more pieces than you might be able to handle.